John Orjias, Chief Technology Officer ~ Chief Software Engineer

John Orjias has the skills needed to get the job done!

What do all those titles mean to you?

It means that I am capable of managing EVERY NEED you have whether it's a simple website for your local business or a complex data driven site like Yelp. I can build it. I can manage the servers. I can do the website layout. I can build anything you want. When a developer tells you something 'can't' be done, that means he doesn't know how to do it. Whatever you want done. IT CAN BE DONE AND I CAN DO IT!

I have 30 years of experience from managing server farms to writing complex programs. Please review my resume below.

Thank you for your consideration.
John Orjias

Software Developer, IT Support, IT Management


Over 30 years of overall experience in IT, sales, service, and as business owner, mostly IT related.
Experience includes but not limited to:

IT Related:
BSD, Linux, MAC OS X, Windows XP to Enterprise Server 2008, WSUS, MySQL, MSSQL, Squid Cache, Exchange, qMail, Exim, Sendmail, Zeus, CladG, Magic Submitter, pfSense, Apache, thttpd, PHP, Perl, Ruby, Java/Spring/Hibernate/JSTL, HTML, Cisco routers, Sonicwall, Medq, eClinicalworks, Bind (DNS), and 802.11 networks (WiFi) as large as 1100 square miles, experience goes as far back to the days of Clipper, dBase III, Lantastic, and Digital DOS


January 2014 to now
Currently the CNE/SE for an IoT Metering Device Company, responsible for all server administration, running VMware Fusion and ESXI, running Windows VMs, and CentOS VMs, Built and maintain Postfix/Dovecot mail server cluster, Nginx hosted websites, NodeJS API Services, MongoDB with replication, Python and Embeded Linux, Ubuntu Snappy, Serial device communication (RS-485) etc.

January 2012 to December 2013
Currently the CTO/CSE for a Retail Furniture Company, responsible for all server administration, running VMware Fusion and ESXI, running 12 XP VMs, and 10 Freebsd VMs, Also have built a virtual appliance that runs on all the dealers computers to manage auto posting of their ads, all centrally managed from our servers. (I have build the VMs on FreeBSD, X and Ruby) Other projects include maintaining their online order system and developing new code to advance the functionality in Java/JSP/JSTL/Spring & Hibernate. I left this company becuase they went out of business.

July 2008 to December 2011
Working for a local IT firm in Flagstaff AZ. (Precise Network Services) My duties involve advanced IT support such as: Exchange Installs, Migrations, and administration, Teaming NICs, Building and configuring Windows Domain Controllers. Configuring and administering all things related to AD, DNS, DHCP etc. Troubleshooting networks, servers and workstation issues. Managing windows updates via WSUS. I am currently the tech for 10+ networks (most with 2-4 servers and 15-60 workstations). I also have some experience working with medical related software, Such as Phillips iSite, eClinicalworks , SRS, etc.

November 2007 to June 2008
Flight Attendant for Republic Airlines

June 2007 to November 2007
Self-Employed. Food vendor at various Festivals. Order Taking, Prepared Food, Managed all bookings for events etc.

October 2006 to June 2007
USPS Flagstaff Main Post Office. Delivered Mail and Parcels, Cased Mail, Sorted Mail, Instructed new employees on procedures regarding loading dock, sorting parcels, letters and Flats etc. Worked both graveyard and Day shifts in same week on regular bases, Average Work Week was 64 to 70 hr. Left on good terms

June 2005 to October 2006
Took Time Off (receive sales income from software I developed)

1985 to June 2005
Self employed, Owned Three Computer Stores, Software Development Firm, Internet Service Provider (Dial up and WLAN), Web Hosting Provider, operated an online community (26000 members). I had to manage and train my employees, I did my own bookkeeping, marketing, research, etc. I gained all my knowledge from hands on experience.

Professional and personal references available upon request.

Delta High School, Delta Colorado 1989
Over 28 years of on the job experienced

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Web Hosting and other services

Whatever your hosting needs may be, from static HTML, pictures and video to e-commerce, online communities and GPT sites, from shared hosting to Virtual Machines, from POP3 to Exchange, RoBoT J can provide a solution.

Wireless Internet
Low cost Broadband Wireless Internet service is currently available in Western Colorado, Flagstaff Arizona is the next planed deployment.

Banner Exchange
Join the free Quality Ad Space Banner Exchange. A banner exchage that awards you for quality ad space

Software and Web Site Design

Virtual Appliances and Machines
A new way of deploying applications and infrastructure components, on virtualization technologies like VMware. RoBoT J can build you custom virtual appliances and machines based on BSD, Linux, OS X Server or Windows depending on which suits your needs best.

Portable Windows Apps
Make any Windows application portable. Run them from a CD, thumb drive, over a network, however you wish to store them. Imagine if you could run your favorite video game and not ever have to install it.

Custom Scripting and Database Solutions
From a 'hit counter' to an e-commerce site, scripts provide you with the ability to offer a web site with dynamic content. Scripts that use a database have become a popular solution for larger web sites. RoBoT J can provide you with the best solutions to get the job done.

Multiple Page Site
RoBoT J can design the layout and look of the site. The site can include images, video, flash, etc.

One Page Holding Site
This type of page assists those who have yet to decide the direction they wish to take with their web site. It helps them to protect their brand by having a one page site which they can add to later.

Site Maintenance
Site maintenance includes updating the site with any changes that are needed. This would include adding or removing images, text, pages or links, as well as special features like counters or video.

Tech Support Services
Your workstations...
No matter if your company uses MAC, PC or Linux workstations, you'll find the help you need here
BSD, Linux, and OS X Server
System administration, troubleshooting and proactive support for your *nix servers. Yes that includes MAC OS X!
Windows Servers
Windows infrastructure components like DNS, DHCP, WINS, Active Directory, IIS , VPN, Remote access, IAS, etc…
Microsoft Exchange
Installation, troubleshooting, Migration and maintaining all versions of Microsoft Exchange
qMail, Squid, Apache, thttpd, Mysql, Etc
Solid experience with such services, RoBoT J Can handle any of your web server needs
Support for 802.11 networks (WiFi)
Using VM Ware, and a pfSence Virtual Appliance, We can set you up with everything you need to manage your wireless customers. Bandwidth control, content filtering, Radius, even Load balance an unlimited number of backbones.

Whether your an RV park, mobile home park, hotel, or even want to provide service to remote areas where cable and DSL are not available and satellite is just too slow, RoBoT J has a solution

Our largest WiFi project covers 1,100 square miles