If you build it, they will come!

Custom Web site design

For basic sites (no animation, no videos) the rate is $100 per page for the design of the layout and look of the site. Editing and placement of 20 images per page is included.

For advanced sites that would consist of animation either in images, video, or flash, the rate is $50/hour.

Site maintenance includes updating the site of any changes that are needed. This would include adding or removing images, text, pages or links, as well as special features like counters or videos. This is billed at a rate of $50/hour.

To find out more information contact RoBoT J


PHP and MySQL web development helps create a dynamic web site for your business. PHP web development helps ensure web site visitors will be drawn to your web site – making it more likely they will also become your customers.

There are many PHP scripts available that can be used on your site, these scripts can also be altered to suit your needs. RoBoT J can also create your PHP/MYSQL project from the ground up. If you would like to do affiliate tracking to market a product from your site, CashCrusader is an affordable affiliate tracking package developed by RoBoT J that can be altered so suit your needs.

To find out more information contact RoBoT J

Web Hosting and other services

Whatever your hosting needs may be, from static HTML, pictures and video to e-commerce, online communities and GPT sites, from shared hosting to Virtual Machines, from POP3 to Exchange, RoBoT J can provide a solution.

Wireless Internet
Low cost Broadband Wireless Internet service is currently available in Western Colorado, Flagstaff Arizona is the next planed deployment.

Banner Exchange
Join the free Quality Ad Space Banner Exchange. A banner exchage that awards you for quality ad space

Software and Web Site Design

Virtual Appliances and Machines
A new way of deploying applications and infrastructure components, on virtualization technologies like VMware. RoBoT J can build you custom virtual appliances and machines based on BSD, Linux, OS X Server or Windows depending on which suits your needs best.

Portable Windows Apps
Make any Windows application portable. Run them from a CD, thumb drive, over a network, however you wish to store them. Imagine if you could run your favorite video game and not ever have to install it.

Custom Scripting and Database Solutions
From a 'hit counter' to an e-commerce site, scripts provide you with the ability to offer a web site with dynamic content. Scripts that use a database have become a popular solution for larger web sites. RoBoT J can provide you with the best solutions to get the job done.

Multiple Page Site
RoBoT J can design the layout and look of the site. The site can include images, video, flash, etc.

One Page Holding Site
This type of page assists those who have yet to decide the direction they wish to take with their web site. It helps them to protect their brand by having a one page site which they can add to later.

Site Maintenance
Site maintenance includes updating the site with any changes that are needed. This would include adding or removing images, text, pages or links, as well as special features like counters or video.

Tech Support Services
Your workstations...
No matter if your company uses MAC, PC or Linux workstations, you'll find the help you need here
BSD, Linux, and OS X Server
System administration, troubleshooting and proactive support for your *nix servers. Yes that includes MAC OS X!
Windows Servers
Windows infrastructure components like DNS, DHCP, WINS, Active Directory, IIS , VPN, Remote access, IAS, etc…
Microsoft Exchange
Installation, troubleshooting, Migration and maintaining all versions of Microsoft Exchange
qMail, Squid, Apache, thttpd, Mysql, Etc
Solid experience with such services, RoBoT J Can handle any of your web server needs
Support for 802.11 networks (WiFi)
Using VM Ware, and a pfSence Virtual Appliance, We can set you up with everything you need to manage your wireless customers. Bandwidth control, content filtering, Radius, even Load balance an unlimited number of backbones.

Whether your an RV park, mobile home park, hotel, or even want to provide service to remote areas where cable and DSL are not available and satellite is just too slow, RoBoT J has a solution

Our largest WiFi project covers 1,100 square miles